Finding the Right Fit

Find the right Software Solution

If you can buy a software package that exactly fits your business needs, then you don’t need custom software. However, if doing things a little (or a lot!) differently gives your company it’s competitive advantage, then you may need custom software.

Database Solutions: A Campaign Perspective (Part 1)

To explore the importance of data in both campaigns and business, we’ll look at the three stages of data management in a fictional political race and the distinct database solutions that accompany each of them.

Database Solutions: A Campaign Perspective (Part 2)

Data matters for campaigns

Gathering data is only half the battle. The two most important questions to ask about data are “Is it relevant?” and “Can I integrate this information with what I already know in order to make smarter business decisions?”

Database Solutions: A Campaign Perspective (Part 3)

Gathering reputable data and storing it with the help of a custom database can mean the difference between successfully communicating with likely customers, and wasting your money talking to people who don’t want or need your product.

Could Your Development Team Win a Championship?

Hockey, soccer, baseball – every sport has its superstars that contribute to the success of the team, but the wins come from a team effort. Custom software development teams operate the same way, but with different positions: Project Manager, Requirements Analyst, Software System Architect, Software Developer, Tester, and Trainer.